Free biomechanics consultation for foot pain and gait analysis

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Ottawa 613-699-8735
Foot Clinic CDP Ottawa275 Slater St, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1P 5H9
(corner Kent)
Orléans 613-209-1865
Suite des médecins spécialistes130 Rossignol Drive, Orléans, Ontario Canada K4A 0N2
(coin Jeanne d'Arc et Tenth Line)
Nepean 343-700-4576
Centrepointe Nepean Medical Center1 Centrepointe, Suite 409, Nepean, Ontario Canada K2G 6E2
Kanata 343-700-4398
Kanata North Medical Centre832 March Road, Kanata, Ontario Canada K2W 0C9
Hawkesbury 1-855-310-5373
Clinique Médicale Trillium1062 Rue Ghislain, Suite #307, Hawkesbury, Ontario Canada K6A 3B2
Clinique médicale d'Hawkesbury151 Main, Hawkesbury, Ontario Canada K6A 1A1
Lachute 1-855-310-5373
Polyclinique d'Argenteuil551 Rue Berry, Lachute, QC Canada J8H 1S4
Gatineau 819-307-4207
Clinique Médicale du Plateau195 Rue de l'Atmosphère, Gatineau, QC Canada J9A 0A3
Clinique d'urgence Outaouais25 de la Savane, Gatineau, QC Canada J8T 8A4
Hull 819-307-4199
Clinique Médicale Montclair15 Montclair, Hull, QC Canada J8Y 2E2
Montréal 438-795-1231
Centre Médical Westmount Square1 Carré Westmount Suite C-180, Westmount, QC Canada H3Z 2P9
Clinique Médicale Vendôme5175 Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC Canada H4A 1Z3
Clinique Médicale des 2 tours700 de la Gauchetière, Montréal, QC Canada H3B 5M2
Clinique Médicale Mont-Royal 4689 Papineau, Montréal, QC Canada H2H 1V4
Clinique Médicale Stillview 175 Stillview, Pointe-Claire, QC Canada H9R 4S3
Laval 1 450-234-0575
Clinique Médicale Le Carrefour 3030 Boulevard le Carrefour, Laval, QC Canada H7T 2P5
Rive-Sud 450-912-0973
Clinique Médicale Mira 1560 Boulevard Rome, Brossard, QC Canada J4W 3A1
Laurentides 1-855-310-5373
Clinique Médicale Dre Louise Dufresne37 avenue de l'Eglise, St Sauveur, QC Canada J0R 1R0
Quebec 581-701-4292
Halles de Ste-Foy2500 Quatre-Bourgeois, Québec, QC Canada G1V 4P9
Quartier Montcalm998 Ave de Sallaberry (coin René Lévesque, près de la rue Cartier), Québec, QC Canada G1R 2V3
(Laboratoire) 985 3e Ave Québec (Limoilou), QC Canada G1L 2X2

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14 Most frequent Question regarding orthotics devices :

Do you send the bill directly to my insurance company?
No. Such procedures don’t apply for orthoses unfortunately. Patients must send their receipts to their insurance companies for reimbursement, and patients generally get reimbursed within two weeks.

Do you provide a receipt for insurance purposes?
Yes. We also guarantee that all patients will be reimbursed by their insurance companies if they are covered for foot orthoses.

What is the wait time after ordering orthoses?
4 to 5 working days on average.

What is the warranty?
Thanks to the precise Footmaxx technology, a very small percentage of patients require adjustments (less than 1% of patients). These adjustments are free for 12 months following the purchase date of orthoses.

Who will perform the foot modeling tasks?
This will be done by a kinesiologist,with a bachelor’s degree specializing in foot biomechanics. The kinesiologist will record the foot data using the Footmaxx scanner. Kinesiology falls under the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Laval.

In addition to scanning, can you make and take models using traditional methods?
Yes, we also use foot modeling methods using foam boxes or trays.

Do you make orthoses for children?
Yes, however for ages 3 and up only.

How long do orthoses last?
Between 2 and 10 years, depending on the models.

What is the cost of the first visit which includes foot modeling?
The first session is free of charge.

Must I purchase new shoes after getting foot orthoses?
Not likely, since most of our custom orthoses are thin and fit quite well in most shoes.

What must I bring for the first session?
A shoe from a pair that you normally wear.

Do your orthoses fit well in sandals?
It is recommended to purchase sandals with orthoses integrated within them (please visit to view such sandal models).

Must I purchase more than one pair of orthoses to fit into all my shoes?
No, this is not usually necessary. Our orthoses are removable so that patients may use them for all shoes they own.

How long does it take to see a specialist?
Generally within 2 weeks after calling to schedule an appointment.

Free biomechanics consultation for foot pain and gait analysis

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