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Orthotists are skilled in the use of biomechanical devices called orthotics for supporting or supplementing weak or abnormal joints that cause foot pain symptoms. They are qualified and certified health practitioners specializing in foot orthotics, sometimes called orthopedic insoles.

Custom orthotics is specially made for an individual patient for greater support and comfort. Orthotists conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet and ankle in order to prescribe orthotics that accommodates the unique structure of your feet and their pathology.

Some people are afraid of seeking professional help and try to get pain relief from over the counter foot orthotics that can be purchased anywhere. The problem is that these over the counter devices do not address specific symptoms and can even be inappropriate for the cause of your foot pain. There is an increased risk of further aggravating the symptoms or causing another condition to develop which could worsen your pain.

CDP Foot Clinic offers specialized services for patients seeking foot pain relief from all kinds of foot conditions. Foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendonitis and other foot ailments are professionally treated with the utmost care and attention. Let us help you by pinpointing the cause of your pain so we can recommend the best treatment for relief.

There are foot orthotics solutions, custom foot orthotics and accommodative footwear available to get relief from foot pain symptoms. Orthotists gather information needed during an examination of your foot to determine if foot orthotics can be helpful. If they are needed, foot supports will be created using 3-dimensional images of each foot so that your orthotics are tailor fit to your foot’s measurements while considering biomechanical problems caused by poor foot structure or misalignment. Wearing custom orthotics can greatly improve your comfort and lead to improved foot function.

It is so convenient to arrange a free consultation with any one of the 30 branches of CDP Foot Clinic all over Eastern Ontario and Québec. Hear what we have to say so you can decide on eliminating foot pain from your life for good.

Our qualified and experienced orthotists can help with custom foot orthotics designed only for you so that you can regain the lifestyle you enjoy and continue to live the life you want – free from pain and discomfort.

Get a free consultation with orthotists or kinesiologist  from CDP Foot Clinic in Ottawa, Orléans, Nepean, Montréal, Rive-sud, Laval , Hawkesbury, Lachute , Gatineau, Hull , and Québec.


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