Foot insoles and shoes inserts: Orthopedic Insoles for Foot Pain Relief

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Orthopedic insoles are designed to provide motion control and can be worn in shoes so that the wearer benefit from increased comfort and maximum support. They are also referred to as foot orthotics and are generally prescribed by podiatrists for people suffering from foot pain.

Some people walk with abnormal or irregular walking patterns because of poor foot structure or deformities that could lead to foot pain. Orthopedic insoles correct these abnormalities to improve walking, running or standing function by modifying the angles at which the foot strikes the surface while walking or running.

Foot insoles provide guaranteed relief to athletes and diabetic patients who experience foot pain. While there are commercially available orthotic devices that can be purchased at retail stores, it is important to wear the right orthopedic insoles for your particular foot condition. Wearing the wrong kind could aggravate your symptoms or cause other conditions to develop. The best thing is to consult an experienced and qualified podiatrist who will recommend the most appropriate foot orthotics that are tailor fit to your individual foot and address your specific symptoms.

There are various types of orthopedic insoles for different foot conditions. Specially designed arch supports and heel cups are available for diabetic and arthritic patients to provide more stability and comfort. Soft orthotics also provide greater comfort and aid performance during running and other athletic activities for improved foot function. During consultation, foot examination and gait analysis will help determine the cause of your foot pain and based on the diagnosis, you will receive the proper recommended program of treatment for foot pain relief, including the prescription of appropriate foot orthotics.

Prescription foot orthotics or orthopedic inserts are functional, accommodative or both. Health practitioners who prescribe these foot insoles must be knowledgeable about biomechanics. There are many individuals using prescription foot orthotics for different symptoms as a result of biomechanical foot issues. These devices correct foot biomechanical problems like pronation and supination to stop pain symptoms and improve performance.

CDP Foot Clinic has branches in Ontario and Quebec. Take advantage of a free consultation to diagnose the cause of your foot pain so you can get the proper treatment your foot deserves.

Foot pain is no small matter and it is important to seek treatment at the soonest possible time. People with foot pain lose quality of life with impaired mobility and discomfort. You can stop foot pain for good; see the nearest CDP Foot Clinic in your area.


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