Foot orthoses cost reimbursement and insurance in Quebec

What insurance organizations cover the cost of orthoses?

Several insurance organizations cover the cost of foot orthoses.

Private Insurance:
Private insurance companies usually cover 80% of the cost of foot orthoses. However we recommend that you verify with your private insurance company to confirm the exact amount.

Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale:
The reimbursement of foot orthoses is possible under certain specific conditions. For example, a doctor must certify that the foot orthoses are required. When you qualify, you can get a refund of $180 for each pair of foot orthoses. Except for children, foot orthoses costs can only be reimbursed once every 2 years.
You will find all the details here:

The CSST reimburses the cost of prostheses and orthoses for workers who have had accidents at work. The procedure to obtain a prompt refund is clearly explained in the Orthoses-prostheses page from the CSST website.

In the case of foot othoses obtained from Orthotic.Solutions, you must complete the form: Foot orthoses and orthopedic shoes account

You can find all details concerning the reimbursement by the SAAQ of foot orthoses in the following PDF:
Prostheses and orthoses intended for the spine or a higher or lower limb

The guidelines concerning prostheses and orthoses intended for the spine or a higher or lower limb are based on Article 83.2 of the Automobile Insurance Law and on Articles 15 and 15.4 of the regulations on the reimbursement of certain expenses.

Article 83.2 (Automobile Insurance Law)
A victim is entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred by an accident under the conditions stated in regulations and to the extent they are not already covered by a social security plan:
1- for medical or paramedical care;
2-for travel or stays related to such care;
3-for the purchase of prostheses or orthoses;
4-for the cleaning, repair or replacement of the clothing worn and which was damaged.
The victim is also entitled to the reimbursement of any other costs determined by the SAAQ according to conditions stated in regulations

Veterans Affairs Canada:
Veterans Affairs Canada covers the costs of foot orthoses, prostheses and all other orthopedic accessories. The coverage also applies for repairs and maintenance as needed.

All details are available through the following link:
(refer to POC 11 – Prostheses and Orthoses)

The Ministère des Affaires Autochtones (Department of Aboriginal Affairs):
The Ministère des Affaires Autochtones covers costs related to foot orthoses.

Please note that the RAMQ does not cover costs related to foot orthoses.

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