Podiatrist Founder of Footmaxx™

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Footmaxx™ was founded by  a podiatrist


Innovative walking analysis to relieve your foot pain

Foot Clinic CDP uses Footmaxx™ technology for superior biomechanical foot examinations. Footmaxx™ was founded by a podiatrist author of many book and recognized as a leader in the North American podiatric community.

Visit our clinics for a beneficial analysis of your individual gait if you suffer from foot pain, painful plantar arches, heel discomfort or ankle trouble. A clinician will be able to identify the source of your foot ailment and help to resolve the problem.

The Footmaxx™ laboratory has developed a high-technology tool to precisely determine the root of your foot troubles. The innovative technologies can uncover problems that may be invisible to the naked eye. Our tools analyze your gait at rates as slow as three hundredths of a second to uncover where exactly your problems originate. Your results are compared to your age group’s average walking patterns and any misalignment can be corrected by Foot Clinic CDP. Call Foot Clinic CDP now to schedule a free consultation with a clinic in your area!

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