Ankle Pain

Ankle painAnkle joints consist of the ankle bone and the bone ends of our two lower legs. These bones are held by ligaments that support the muscles and tissue that give support and ensure that the body propels itself smoothly during movement. These very strong joints act similarly to a hinge whenever we make a step and can take almost double the body’s weight when we walk and as much as eight times the body’s weight when we run.

The ankle is a structurally complex and is able to withstand an enormous amount of stress from accidents or injuries that may occur over time. When these happen, however, they can modify the way the ankle functions. When even a small part of a person’s ankle is injured, the entire joint can be affected and can develop into pain in the ankle. An individual’s normal daily function can become limited due to pain.

It is critical to comprehend the immense importance of the ankle’s function and how future problems can be avoided to preserve our general well-being. We provide treatment of all kinds of problems relating to ankle pain. A number of common health issues involving the ankle are enumerated below for easy reference.

Ankle Sprain

Ankle SprainWhen the ligaments supporting the ankle are put under extreme stress, the result can be a sprain which may range from mild to severe cases. In the case of a mild sprain, there would be a slight stretching but severe cases can involve a complete tear of the ligaments that would cause ankle pain.

In such cases, surgery may be required to do a complete repair of the ankle.

Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

Chronic lateral ankle pain is continuing pain exhibiting symptoms such as repetitive sprain, instability of the ankle, stiffness and tenderness. These symptoms usually surface following an injury. When left untreated, symptoms could worsen to more serious complications of the feet. Arthritis, fractures, or scarred tissue from sprains and inflammation of the tendon can also result in chronic ankle pain.

A specialist from our clinic can thoroughly examine the ankle and determine the underlying cause of your ankle problem. Treatments vary and may include anti-inflammatory medications, the use of physical therapy, immobilization with braces and orthotics.

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