Clinique Médicale Mont-Royal

Address : 4689, Papineau St
Montreal (Quebec)
H2H 1V4

Phone: 514-597-0853

Do you have foot pain?  Foot pain means there is a problem with the foot’s internal structure or with biomechanical forces that prevent it from functioning normally. Whatever the reason, you need to seek proper professional attention to prevent further injury or progression of your condition.

We offer free consultation so we can determine the reason for your foot pain and recommend the best solutions to get you better.  We have helped many of our patients to regain the mobility they lost with practical and innovative solutions to remove their foot pain permanently and restore normal function.

We are located at 4689, Papineau St, Montreal (Quebec).

Phone : 514-597-0853

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Foot Clinic CDP

Opening Hours : 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday

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